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Instant Transmission HUD - Interface

A multi tool that makes virtual world traveling easier faster and entertaining

Photoshop Skill 55%
LSL Language Skill 85%

Blender 3D works

Various designs and virtual items

Texturing & Modeling 70%

TyrChat - Messenger

This HUD provides you the abillity to send messages and chat with people online in SL

Web Designer Skill 60%
Back End Skill 35%

Java Matchup app

Java application that calculates a tennis schedule with the number or players given within the set period of time.

Java language 40%
Object Oriented Programming 50%

3D & Virtual product designer,

See the homepage for examples of my work,


Photoshop & Blender

Scripting language LSL,

Mainly Javascript HTML5 CSS3, some PHP & MYSQL experiance,

Some Java programming aswell

Handling & modifying WordPress to individuals desire.

Learn desires:

Projects in a team, working with people building trust.

Learning new platforms.

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